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Can I still hire a doula during the current pandemic? 

Yes! Many doulas are prepared to offer a combination of in-person and remote video support. Ask doulas about their plans during COVID-19 and how you can have a supported birth while hospital restrictions are in place.

Ask doulas about their plans during COVID-19 and how you can have a supported birth while hospital restrictions are in place. Consumer demand is one of the most important factors in sustaining access to quality care for all people.


Where can I find the most recent research and information about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in relation to pregnancy and birth? 

In addition to current international and national updates from the CDC and WHO, quality relevant information regarding pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding can be found at:

Evidence Based Birth

Birth Monopoly

Aviva Romm, MD

La Leche League


Can doulas join their clients while hospital restrictions are in place due to COVID-19? 

It depends on the location of your birth and how local staff decide to manage labor support. Doulas are evidence-based essential non-medical care team members, statistically proven to improve health outcomes, but some hospitals are limiting access to support people for laboring people. You may be limited to 1 support person once admitted to the hospital. I encourage you to call your provider and inquire about current policy as well as express your desire to have your doula in attendance. To view and share the OBBF statement on Doulas as Essential, recently submitted to CA Governor Gavin Newsom, click here.


Are you still taking birth clients?

Yes, but I am booked to capacity for in-person birth doula support at this time.

You can still work with me for remote private childbirth education, consult with me for individual referrals, or work with trusted community colleagues via:

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation (Bay Area Local)

You can also access me in a less formal or communal capacity, or simply access additional writing and content, at my Patreon page.


Do I need to change my birth plan because of the current pandemic?

An effective birth plan is flexible, but COVID-19 does not change the basic physiology of birth for healthy, low-risk women, so while there may be some adjustments to the logistics of your plan, the pandemic is not a reason to make major changes to your medical care while pregnant and birthing unless you are directly impacted by the virus.


What happens if I am infected with COVID-19? 

Depending on where you are at in your pregnancy, your symptoms, and pre-existing health status, an active COVID-19 infection may impact your prenatal and birth care. All care options are best discussed in detail with your care provider. In the postpartum period, care providers will assess both parental and infant health in shared decision making with clients/families regarding options around keeping babies and parents together, temporary separation, and additional care. As of yet, evidence supports continuing breastfeeding, or feeding human babies with human breast milk, even in cases of COVID-19.

Additional questions? Please contact me to schedule a consult, or refer to the additional resources listed above.

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