Full Circle Birth Services

Preparation, Education, Doula Support

Our reproductive journey starts before we are born, as eggs in our mothers, while they develop in-utero in our grandmothers. We all share in this lack of control regarding our microscopic beginnings. Even once we do take the reigns, there is much to navigate! The near absolute control we might expect from a computer or business transaction is not available, but we do have the option to optimize our heath, get informed, and decide what's most important, as well as what we might let go of in the process of the Unknown. What we cultivate in this journey can lay the groundwork for early parenthood and beyond. Care providers, unique health journeys, systemic obstacles, individual expectations - all of these can shape, support, or hinder our process of family-making. You deserve support, step by step. Whether you are planning, expecting, anticipating a loss, or simply wanting to learn more, here are some ways I may be of service.

Free Consultation

The Pre-Prenatal 

Your support starts here.

Whether it's childbirth education, a pre-conception primer, doula services or referrals, my service to you starts with a conversation. Schedule a 20+ minute phone consult to help me understand your goals and to see if we're a good fit.

Birth Doula Services

Comprehensive, Continuous Care

  • At least 5 prenatal appointments, 60-90 minutes each; I aim to meet in 7-10 sessions, time permitting. Your feeling supported, having an informed process, and our familiarity are priorities.

  • Private childbirth education and assistance navigating your options for home, birth center or hospital care, medical interventions that may be offered, and their risks, benefits, and cultural/historical context when helpful.

  • Emotional and educational support around common questions, fears and challenges. Holistic and evidence-based.

  • Ongoing phone, e-mail and text support.

  • Assistance in cultivating and expressing your Birth Vision and Preferences; effective advocacy techniques.

  • On-call 24/7 availability during the days leading up to and including labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum.

  • Multiple postpartum visits in the first week and month after birth.

  • Referrals to placenta encapsulation specialists, lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, massage therapists, etc.

  • Backup support.

A primer for pregnancy and birth - from the comfort of your own home.

Thinking about pregnancy in the coming months or years? Trying to avoid an overwhelm of choices in a limited time period? Wondering where to start? Book a 90-minute session for yourself and one guest with your very own doula and childbirth educator - BEFORE conceiving - and get answers to your questions, including the ones you didn't know you'd have! Consider next best steps for an optimal transition into pregnancy and parenthood, and empower yourself now by getting connected to resources and information that align with your goals and values.

Not local? Social Distancing? Contact me about arranging a private video session.

Private Childbirth Education

In-person, dedicated learning.

Too busy for class series offered by your care provider? Feeling shy, or just wanting to avoid a crowd? This is an opportunity to learn directly from a certified childbirth educator in sessions customized to fit your pregnancy, experience, questions and needs. Class is for birthing person, primary support person, and one guest support person. Two, four or six-hour intensives arranged to fit your schedule. Virtual options available.

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